Yoko Ono: We’re All Water, 2005


edition / multiple, invitation / announcement
Tokyo, Japan
Gallery 360


Tokyo: Gallery 360°, 2005 (04), 16×16 cm. Exhibition invite / multiple consisting of a single sheet of plain white paper inlaid in a single folded sheet of plain black paper housed in original envelope. Exhibition details printed on envelope along with instruction “Soak the white paper of the inside in water”. Apparently a ‘secret message’ appears after soaking.

The problem of water is closed up as a big problem that we cannot disregard, and has been held actively in all parts of the world such as the water-related researches and symposiums in recent years.
Since Yoko Ono presented the first work of water 1964, then “Water Talk” in 1967,
She has sent a big concern to the problem of water until today.
Water is a meaning of necessary, indispensable in live for human being, and for Yoko Ono, moreover, it is love and synonym.
This exhibition is an installation that makes “Water Talk” an embodiment.
The container of 33 lacquer paint to which the card to which the name was filled in was affixed was displayed to the gallery space, and water was filled respectively by the container. As for the person name written on the card by the artists, the name of President of the United States of America, the physicist, and the close friends that was ruling politics now were listed by the historical figure. There is a name of Hitler and Osama bin Laden in the inside, too. Ono put the meaning that the peaceful world was realized by pouring the profound attachment into all these people, and gave the container water.

list of the names

1 Jimmy Hendrix
2 Frida Kahlo
3 Yukio Mishima
4 Osama bin Laden
5 Henrik Ibsen
6 George Grose
7 Wilhem Reich
8 Billie Holiday
9 Adolph Hitler
10 Stephen Hawking
11 Donald Rumsfeld
12 Robert Oppenheimer
13 Pirandello
14 Isadora Duncan
15 Vincent Van Gogh
16 Nelson Mandela
17 Tatsumi Hijikata
18 Georgia O’Keefe
19 Bertold Brecht
20 Miles Davis
21 Fernand Leger
22 Ingmar Bergman
23 Rene Magritte
24 Martin Luther King
25 Saddam Hussein
26 Buster Keaton
27 Joseph Stalia
28 Tadanori Yokoo
29 Samuel Beckett
30 Editu Piaf
31 Lenny Bruce
32 Andy Warhol
33 George W. Bush
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condition: Not mailed. Fine.