Yoko Ono: THE BLUE ROOM EVENT dedicated to Yoshiaki Tono, 1996 (artist’s book)


artist's book, card / postcard
Osaka, Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Gallery 360, Gallery Interform, Masaya Yamaguchi, Yuka Nishiyama

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Osaka; Tokyo: Gallery Interform; Masaya Yamaguchi; Yuka Nishiyama; Gallery 360°, 1996, 12,5×14,7 cm. Artist’s book consisting of 16 postcards bound together. Postcards feature abstract, poetic statements by Ono like “This room slowly evaporates every day”, “This rooms glows in the dark while we are asleep”.  They were originally written on pieces of tape placed on the walls of the gallery. Japanese calligraphy recto with corresponding English translation on the verso of each card. Limited edition.

BLUE ROOM EVENT is a part of Ono’s instructions. Only few people understood verbal form of art in the 60s, and she still remembers the courage she felt thanks to the compliment that only Yoshiaki Tono, a critic gave to her at the time. Ono resumed her career as an artist in the end of 80s, and she chose the memorable BLUE ROOM EVENT for her solo show in Tokyo, which was dedicated to Mr. Yoshiaki Tono. [Gallery 360]


condition: Fine.