Yoko Ono: FROM MY WINDOW, 2002 (artist’s book)


artist's book, exhibition catalogue
Tokyo, Japan
Gallery 360


Tokyo: Gallery 360°, 2002 (12), 18×18 cm. Exhibition catalogue / artist’s book consisting of a set of loose prints and a folded poster housed in a grey cardboard box. Limited edition of 300 copies.

“FROM MY WINDOW” is one of the autobiography series following the Japanese and English version of VERTICAL MEMORY. Each page is a window frames accommodating TV screen, where images of her life and projected. The portraits from her childhood to grownup days are displayed inside the frame, and the pictures of the witch trials in Salem, Boston in 1692 were set in the background. It is one episode of her life that she used to look at those pictures in all innocence when she was a little girl to grow up to be a woman that people called a witch.
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condition: Near Fine.