Yoko Ono: Colours of the Globe, 2008


edition / multiple, invitation / announcement
Tokyo, Japan
Gallery 360

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Tokyo: Gallery 360°, 2008 (12), 10,5×15 cm. Exhibition invitation card / multiple replicating the basis for the pieces of the multilayered participatory project.

Yoko Ono’s “Add Color Painting,” first created in the 60s, requires participation from viewers. Using felt pens and paint, viewers can add colors to the canvas at their own will. The piece can be considered to be at the root of today’s interactive art.
Then, in 2004, “Add Colors Painting: I Love U” was held at Gallery 360 Degrees for the first time. This second installment involves streets of the Aoyama area. Men wearing sandwich sign boards will be out on the streets, hanging sign boards with contour drawings of a man and a woman on the front and back. People can add eyes, nose, and mouth to complete the faces.
“Add Colors Painting” will be completed by coloring white, yellow, black, blue, and brown onto globes displayed in the gallery space. Ono hopes to create a moment to address the changing climate of the world, such as air and water pollution and global warming, and create hope for a beautiful world.
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