Wolf Vostell: Erdbeeren | Projekt für ADA | Berlin 27.-29.9.74, 1975

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artist's book
Berlin, Germany
Berliner Festspielen, DAAD, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein

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Berlin: Neuer Berliner Kunstverein; DAAD; Berliner Festspielen, 1975, 21×29,8 cm. Softcover. Stapled. Unpaginated. Artist’s book / photobook / action documentation. A rare and haunting work documenting the action ‘Erdbeeren (Kathexis & Noesis)’. First page features artist’s statements, action and programme.

In a bus, 100 strawberry plants are planted in mother earth on both floors. A video camera is aimed at a plant. The camera observes the growth process. The TV monitor is inserted into the outside of the bus wall. The whole bus is covered with lead – leaded. Only the television screen remains visible to passers-by. The “Strawberries” bus drives around Berlin for 3 days according to the above schedule. For 3 days, Berliners will be interviewed about their wishes for their life in Berlin. The interviews are compared to the “Strawberries”. 

condition: In VG+ / Near Fine condition.