Walter De Maria: The Columns | The Arch | The Gold Frame and | The Silver Frame | The Invisible Drawings | Her Beautiful Lips, 1965


invitation / announcement
New York, United States
Paula Johnson Gallery


New York: Paula Johnson Gallery, 1965 (01), 18,2×26,5 cm [full spread]. Bifolium. Exhibition invitation card for the first Walter De Maria solo show. Rare piece of ephemera. from the short-lived Paula Johnson Gallery (1964-66).

The columns and the arch, cut from unfinished plywood, stood at the gallery entrance, giving it the feel of a temple. The main room contained barely visible pencil drawings in thin silver and gold frames. “Otherwise there is nothing but the proprietress of the gallery circulating among her clients, conversation, pleasant ambiguities—for those in the mood.” (Sonfist 1983)

condition:. Mailed. Remains of plain white, circular sticker on extremities verso used to prevent card from unfolding while in the mail. In VG+ / Near Fine condition.