Tania Mouraud: Art Space No 5, 1977


invitation / announcement
New York, United States, Paris, France
G. Mollet-Viéville, MOMA P.S. 1

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Paris; [New York]: G. Mollet-Viéville; [MOMA P.S. 1], 1977, 10,5×15,4 cm. Installation announcement card / artist postcard.

In 1975, Tania Mouraud created in situ installations called “Art Spaces” in which short phrases, written on plastic construction sheeting the size of the wall, question the conditions of visual perception and lead the viewer to a vertiginous awareness from where he can see the depth of what he is doing. Tania Mouraud continued this theme when she founded the group TRANS with Thierry Kuntzel then with Jon Gibson throughout the installations. Tania Mouraud then exhibited at PS1 in New York where she met Dara Birnbaum and Dan Graham.

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