[Sol Lewitt]: [Secret Events] A white cube in Zona p.o. box, 1985


card / postcard, invitation / announcement
Firenze, Italy
Zona Archives


Firenze : Zona Archives, 1985, 10,5×15 cm Artist postcard published on the occasion of the series of “Secret Events” created by James Lee Byars, Daniel Buren, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Terry Fox, General Idea, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Sol Lewitt, Maurizio Nannucci and Lawrence Weiner for Nannucci’s Zona Archives. Recto is reproduced a photo of Lewitt’s ‘event’ – a white cube which was left in the post office box of Zona Archives.

Biblio: Cooper 2012, p.59; Credi 2016, p.114

condition: Not mailed. In Near Fine condition.