Sol Lewitt: Dear John, I will be happy…, 1974 (handwritten & signed postcard)


card / postcard
New York, United States

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[New York]: -, 1974 (03), 14,9×9,9 cm. Illustrated postcard with hand-written message, signed by Sol Lewitt – addressed to John Perreault. This along with this card relate to Perreault’s request of Lewitt to contribute to the issue of Tri-Quarterly that he was curating. Lewitt offered gladly to contribute one of his more ‘incomprehensible tracts’. These two cards also bear the stamp “Printed Matter,” the name of the organisation Lewitt would co-found two years later in 1976.

“Dear John, I will be happy to send you on of my more incomprehensible tracts for your Tri-quarterly. Sol Lewitt”

condition: Mailed. In VG+ condition.



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