Paul Thek: The Personal Effects of the Pied Piper, 1976


artist's book, exhibition catalogue
Paris, France
Alexandre Iolas Gallery


Paris: Galerie Alexandre Iolas, 1976 (03), 31,7×21,4 cm. English. Artist’s book cum exhibition catalogue in assemblage form housed in illustrated cardboard folder-cover. This intriguing publication comprises a triptych containing an artist’s statement – a fierce socio-political polemic with religious undertones -, a small folding card with facsimile text, 6 loose sheets with photographs of works, a facsimile notebook containing notes and sketches for a variety of Thek’s works, like the Raising of the Titanic and the Tower of Babel, a selection of newspaper clippings (!) and a colophon sheet. Once more in the published oeuvre of Thek we have an immersive piece, a kind of ‘book environment’ acting as a medium for long lost installations. Rare and complete.

condition: Lightly discolored stip on folder-cover. Contents in excellent condition.