Paul Thek: Ark Pyramid Easter [– A Visiting Group Show], 1973


artist's book, exhibition catalogue
Luzern, Switzerland
Kunstmuseum Luzern

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Luzern: Kunstmuseum Luzern, 1973 (03), 29,4×21 cm. Softcover. Unpaginated. English. Artist’s book / exhibition catalogue. Yet another cryptic work / environment by Paul Thek, realised, along with his friends, the Artist’s Co-Op. This exhibition was the fourth in a series of what are today seen as the most significant atmospheric large-scale projects of the 1970s using individualised religious symbols. These installations, now lost, are also among the central works of the legendary artist. (Kunstmuseum Luzern, 2011). With the installation forever lost, this immersive and peculiar book is the material at hand to revisit the eerie project.

condition: Near Fine