[Max Ernst;] Ichirō Fukuzawa [福澤一郎]: エルンスト [Ernst], 1939


monograph / catalogue raisonné
Tokyo, Japan
Atorie Sha

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Tokyo: Atorie Sha, Shōwa 14 [1939], 19×13 cm. Softcover. Partly paginated. Japanese. Early monograph – the first one in Japan – on Max Ernst by Ichirō Fukuzawa, profusely illustrated in b&w along with one color plate. Fukuzawa, an accomplished surrealist painter by 1939, had spent six years (1926-1931) studying art in Paris where he was acquainted with the work of Giorgio de Chirico and Max Ernst, whose oeuvres – especially Ernst’s collages – left an indelible mark on him. Upon his return to Japan Fukuzawa exhibited a solid body of surrealist works, securing critical acclaim. He then went on to formulate his distinctive surrealist style – incorporating social and political commentary – and commenced to writing a number of essays and books on surrealism. His role was pivotal in bringing surrealism to Japan. Rare.

condition: Blemish on spine else nice, clean copy.