Maurizio Nannucci: To Hanne Weskott, It’s with pleasure…, 1989 [handwritten & signed letter]


autograph / manuscript
Firenze, Italy
s. p.

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Firenze: self-published, 1989 (04), 14,5×10,4 cm. 2 page handwritten letter, on two separate leaves written only recto, by Maurizio Nannucci addressed to art critic and Kunstforum magazine contributor Hanne Weskott. Dated 28.4.1989 and signed at the end. Also blind stamped at lower left corner of second sheet with Nannucci’s address.

In this rather lengthy letter Nannucci, prompted by Weskott’s visit to his exhibition in München at Galerie Walter Storms and by her intention to publish a piece of hers on his work in the upcoming issue of Kunstforum, talks about his recent work and exhibition activities, moving on to an interesting statement ‘clearing up’ his intentions and offering his view on where his work belongs, lying outside formal categorisation.

“(…) I am very determined to affirme [sic] my autonomous position, as other artists of my generation, who have begun to work in the middle of 60ies, and not directly involved in “art labels” of that time (fluxus, conceptual, arte povera…), but they have given indipendent [sic] and important contributions to the developing of a new sensibility, particularly on the way how to regard the artist’s identity, a sensibility and a strategy to what to look, than as a starting point or an objective -(…)”


condition: Folded twice for mailing. Two punch holes previous archiving. Else in excellent condition.