[Marina Abramović] Performances – Happenings, Actions, Events, Activities, Installations, 1978


invitation / announcement
Padova, Italy
Mastrogiacomo Editore Images 70

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Padova: Mastrogiacomo Editore Images 70, [1978], 10,8×17,8 cm. Announcement card / order form for the publication “Performances”. Printed recto is a publisher’s presentation for the book in English as this [then] upcoming second edition would feature “the translation of all text in english”. “The volume contains 230 pages with 310 photographs. (…) ‘Performances’ offers a complete historical an photographical panorma on all the principal performances and happenings that occured in the world from the beginnings of this phenomenon. (…) followed by an anthology of essays by some of the principal Performers, such as G. Brus, Vito Acconci, H. Nitsch, Gina Pane and others who illustrate the contents and finalities of their work.” [sic] Also recto a series of photographs from the haunting Abramović performance ‘Rhythm 0’ is reproduced. Verso publisher’s address and order form. Clean and unwritten.

condition: Not mailed. In Near Fine condition.