Marcel Broodthaers: Conversation Avec Pierre Restany [sic]


photograph / slide
Berlin, Germany
Galerie Folker Skulima


[Berlin]: [Galerie Folker Skulima], [mid-1970s?], 11,6×16 cm. Photographic documentation of M.B. work Coup de fil à Pierre Restany. Photograph by Wolfgang Rill, printed on matte paper. Verso, hand-written legend. Stamped “Werner Mathes”.

When visiting the artist’s studio, ‘this filthy cavern’, as Pierre Restany called it, he found an ‘image on the verge of the non-image’, which ‘etches itself in our memories with the acuteness of definitive symbols: the deaf telephone muffled by cotton wool is a cliché of our civilization’ (MoMA 2016, p.120) [Hannah Bruckmüller, 2019]

condition: In VG+ / Near Fine condition