[Man Ray et al.]: Cahiers G.L.M. – Troisieme Cahier, 1936


magazine / periodical
Paris, France
G. L. M.


Paris: G. L M., 1936 (11), 19,5×14,3 cm. Softcover. French. Single instalment of Cahiers G. L. M. magazine featuring works and pieces by Paul Eluard, René Char, Jean Scutenaire, Pierre Mabille, Maurice Blanchard, Herman Grégoire, Louis Parrot, an ex-libris by Salvador Dali and part [8 out of 12 photos] of the [then] upcoming “La Photographie n’est pas l’Art” published by GLM in 1937 [surrealist captioning by André Breton ]. A rare document of surrealist photography. A true first edition, in a sense, of a legendary work.


condition: VG+ / Near Fine.