[La Monte Young; Marian Zazeela]: Music of La Monte Young at Judson Hall, 1962


flyer / brochure
New York, United States
s. p.

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New York: s.p. , 1962 (10), 28×10,8 cm. Flyer for the first New York performances of La Monte Young’s String Trio, September 1958 and Composition 1960 #7 July, 1960 pieces. Music performed by La Mar Alsop (violin), William Schoen (viola) and Charlotte Moorman (cello). The flyer also acts as an announcement of the publishing of the scores of String Trio and Death Chant in Fluxus #1, and other compositions to be published in An Anthology, Kalenderrole, decollage #1, Acento, Nutida Musik #3, and New Departures #4. Flyer designed by Marian Zazeela.

[Ref: Marian Zazeela: Drawings, 2000; FONDAZIONE BONOTTO, CODE FX1585]

condition: VG / VG+. Some mild handling wear mostly due to size. Clean and bright.