[Joseph Beuys] Spuren in Kunst und Gesellschaft, Nr. 9 (signed)


magazine / periodical
Hamburg, Germany
Spuren - Zeitschrift für Kunst und Gesellschaft


Hamburg: Spuren – Zeitschrift für Kunst und Gesellschaft, 1984 (12), 27,9×21 cm. Softcover. 66 pp. German. Single issue of Spuren journal with extended focus on Beuys’ work. Late in 1984, “on request from Spuren”, Beuys revisited his 1977 Honigpumpe project (presented in documenta VI). On November 2, 1984, an action took place in his Düsseldorf studio that lasted about six hours, during which, Beuys drew a plan of the ‘honeypump’, built a model and explained how it worked. The action was photographically documented by Jochen Hiltmann and the photographs were published in Spuren Nr 9 and later on Nr 30/31 (Jan 1989). In issue Nr. 9 along a variety of texts, a transcript of the conversation between Beuys, Hiltmann and Lenger, that took place during the action, is included.
A signed and numbered multiple, HONIGPUMPE 1985 (Spuren Kassette) was planned and is announced for the spring of 1985 (a subscription form is included in this issue), collecting material from the aforementioned 1984 action, part of which are 15 Hiltmann photos. This is the true first edition of this material as the complete photo series is reproduced (full page photos). Copy signed boldly in red by Beuys on cover.

Joined, an oversized brochure (A4 size), 8pp, presenting the 1997 photobook Joseph Beuys: Honey Is Flowing In All Directions (Staeck / Steidl). 5 full page b&w photos from said publication are reproduced.

condition: In Near Fine condition.


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