Joseph Beuys, Nicolás García Uriburu: Rhine Water Poluted


invitation / announcement, xerox / handout / press release
Köln, Germany
Galerie Holtmann


Köln: Galerie Holtmann, 1981 (10), 14,8×10,4 cm. Edition Announcement card. Joined, Informationsbrief Nr. 9, single page A4 press release. Card and press release published in conjunction with the highly controversial, at the time, action of Uriburu, who after similar actions in Paris, Venice and New York, wanted to ‘paint’ the Rhine demonstrating his environmental concerns and pointing at the increasing pollution. Action was originally planned to take place in Cologne but it was cancelled due to objections of the local authorities and eventually took place after Uriburu joined forces with Beuys in Düsseldorf  in what came to be called “Rhein-Aktion”. This was followed by an exhibition showcasing pictures, drawings and documentation from said action and a multiple, ‘Rhine Water Poluted’ [sic], was issued.

condition: Card Near Fine. Not mailed | Press release folded once. Red pen annotation.