Joseph Beuys; Henning Christiansen: Ich versuche dich freizulassen (machen, 1969


invitation / announcement
Antwerpen, Belgium
Edition Wide White Space

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Antwerpen: Edition Wide White Space, n.d. [1969-70], 25×37 cm (full size). Illustrated announcement sheet for the edition “Cassette recorder, signed by Joseph Beuys, recording the concert given at the Museum of Mönchen-Gladbach on March 27th 1969”. Verso information and pricing for the edition in Dutch, French, English and German. Scarce.

[Ref: Col·lecció MACBA. Centre d’Estudis i Documentació, ID Nr. A01205]

condition: Folded (as issued?). In VG/VG- condition with some handling marks.