Joseph Beuys: “Das Schweigen”


invitation / announcement
Berlin, Germany
Edition Renè Block

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Berlin: Edition Renè Block, 1974 (01), 13,6×10,9 cm. Edition / exhibition announcement card. Card published in conjunction with the release of Beuys’ “Das Schweigen” and an exhibition of multiples opening on January 1974. “Das Schweigen” consists of five stacked reels of celluloid contain a full print of Ingmar Bergman’s film Das Schweigen from 1963. “Beuys had the reels galvanised in baths of zinc and copper, sealing in and ‘silencing’ their contents beneath a gleaming metal shell. (…) In stacking the five reels, Beuys assembled one of his many sculptural batteries.(…)” (Pinakothek-der Moderne, Münich)

condition: Near Fine. Not mailed.