[Joseph Beuys] Buby Durini: Incontro con Joseph Beuys, 1974


photograph / slide, xerox / handout / press release
Pescara, Italy
Lucrezia De Domizio

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Pescara: Galleria Lucrezia De Domizio, 1974 (10), 23,9×18,1 cm [photo]. Original photograph by Buby Durini. Photographer’s and gallery’s stamp verso. Artist’s portrait shot during the Meeting with Joseph Beuys that took place on the 3rd of October 1974 to coincide with the inauguration of Domizio’s new gallery. Another portrait of Beuys by Durini was used for the poster of the event. Joined: Original single page press release.

condition: Photograph in excellent condition. Blemishes on PR sheet.