Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol, Nationalgalerie Berlin, 1982


photograph / slide
Berlin, Germany
s. p.


Berlin: s.p., 1982 (03), 16,4×21 cm. Original photograph by Ronald Siemoneit. Artists’ portrait. Photographer stamp on back along with minimal handwritten legend. In stark contrast with the dual portrait of 1980 here is a much more intimate one with Beuys giving one of his ‘precious’ roses to Warhol. An extremely rare document of one of the few meetings between the two artists. Photograph taken while Warhol was visiting Berlin for the opening of the exhibition “Beuys, Rauschenberg, Twombly, Warhol – Die Sammlung Dr. Erich Marx” in Nationalgalerie. The opening of the show was on 02.03.1982 and the photo was most probably shot after the press conference the next day

condition:  Near Fine