Joseph Beuys America: New York – part B (Ronald Feldman Fine Arts), 1982-1989


invitation / announcement, xerox / handout / press release
New York, United States
Ronald Feldman Fine Arts
1982, 1986, 1989

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Collection of Joseph Beuys ephemera & documents from Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in New York comprises:

Beuys, n.d. [1982]. Oversized exhibition invitation card. Not mailed.
Drawings / Sculpture / Environments, n.d. [1986] Exhibition invitation card. Mailed to Martha Wilson.
Bits & Pieces, 1989. Oversized exhibition invitation card. Mailed.
Joseph Beuys, Superstar. ‘An interview conducted by Umberto Allemandi for “Bolaffi Arte”, June, 1974, translated by Dorina Morawetz.’. 4 oblong pages. Stapled. Folded.

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condition: Collection in excellent overall condition.