[Hans Ulrich OBRIST]: Hôtel Carlton Palace – Chambre 763, 1993


artist's book, edition / multiple
Stuttgart, Germany, Zürich, Switzerland
Hauser & Wirth, Oktagon Verlag


Stuttgart; Zürich: Oktagon Verlag; Hauser & Wirth, 1993, 15,4×11,5×2,8 cm (box). Artists’ Book / multiple comprising of a series of artists’ postcards [see a selection on next page] housed in a hard-bound sliding box.

Hans Ulrich Obrist invited fifty-five artists to contribute to this exhibition confined to a Paris hotel room, which stemmed from his move to live in the city. […] Obrist borrowed Room 763 of Hôtel Carlton Palace from two artist friends, opening the exhibition without the knowledge of the hotel management. After good reviews, the show attracted over 3,000 visitors. Radical curatorial ideas were explored, with the artists allowed to remove and replace their exhibits as they wished during the course of the show. Visitors were invited to try on the clothes hanging in the wardrobe and to rifle through Hans-Peter Feldmann’s suitcase of archival photographs. The exhibit by one of the artists, Andreas Slominski, was to set Obrist a different daily task, day eight being to clean the member of the hotel staff who was cleaning the room!
[Cooper 2019, p.126]

condition: In VG+ / Near Fine condition.