Eleanor Antin: “The Ballerina and the Bum”, 1974


invitation / announcement
New York, United States, San Francisco, United States
80 Langton Street, Anna Canepa Video Distribution Inc.


[New York]; San Francisco: [Anna Canepa Video Distribution Inc.]; 80 Langton Street, 1975 (11), 15,2×10,2 cm. Announcement / presentation card for E.A. video work and related event at the newly opened 80 LANGTON ST. alternative space [sic]. Verso reads, black and white videotape, 54 min. November 15, 1975. The Artist’s Ballerina Self, here represented as a “would-be ballerina from the sticks,” plans to walk across the U.S. to “make it in the Big City.” She meets a bum in a freight train, and together they dream of success.

condition: Not mailed. In VG+ condition



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