Douglas Huebler: EVERYONE ALIVE 1979, 1979


invitation / announcement
Brussels, Belgium

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Brussel: MTL, 1979 (03), 10,5×14,8 cm. Exhibition invitation card for another incarnation of the utopian, larger than life magnum opus of Douglas Huebler, here interestingly spelled as Doug. Printed only recto.

condition: Unmailed. Near Fine.

I developed the ‘Everyone Alive’ project as a logical form through which to forward the examination of the natural/cultural dialectic that was of primary interest to me. The obvious impossibility of its declared program turns its photographic representations into free floating signs attached to the equally readymade terms of culturally fabricated aphorisms and sayings. As in all my work this project is meant to put the question to its audience about how willing it is—and anyone else—to accept arbitrarily constructed relationships between language and appearances. [Douglas Huebler]