Diter Rot: [foldable object] Paris, 1960


edition / multiple, poster
Paris, France
festival d'art d'avant-garde, s. p.


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Paris: festival d’art d’avant-garde; self-published, 1960, 48×30,4 cm. Early and obscure Dieter Roth multiple. Stencil [?] / print made using a subtle combination of pigments, creating hues depending on the view angle – a veritable iris effect – complemented by large punch holes, making for a kind of light-kinetic piece. On top of one side we read “festival d’art d’avant-garde · prière de plier dans tous les sens · maquette diter rot” which makes this an ‘instructional piece’ with the simple condition of ‘folding/bending in all directions’ apparently producing a number of spatial and optical variations with an emphasis again on chance and the notion of void and disappearance.

A historic piece produced in purportedly a couple of hundred copies, an intriguing companion to the iconic ‘Dimanche, 27 Novembre · Le Journal d’un Seul Jour’ produced by Yves Klein for the same festival.

condition: Excellent.