C. 7,500: An Exhibtion Organised by Lucy R. Lippard, 1973

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artist's book, exhibition catalogue
Valencia, United States
The California Institute of the Arts

Valencia: The California Institute of the Arts, 1973, 10,2×15,3 cm (each card). Exhibition catalogue / Artist’s Book. 30 loose index cards in plain envelope. Landmark female conceptual art exhibition organised by Lucy R. Lippard.

“This show is fourth in a continuing series begun in 1969 with ‘557,087’ in Seattle, Washington. (The others: “955,000” in Vancouver, B.C.,1970; ‘2,972,453’ in Buenos Aires, 1971.) The titles are the population of the cities in which the shows took place; in this case, Valencia, California, where “c. 7,500” originated. Each of the catalogues consist of randomly arranged index cards designed by the artists themselves. (…)
When the show was finally selected, I looked over the cards and the body of work, and was surprised to find that it divided into quite distinct parts: 1) the work dealing with perception of exterior natural phenomena (Aycock, Dunlap, Holt) 2) the work re-framing or re-locating relatively factual material into personal patterns (Darboven, Kozlov, Denes, Anderson) 3) the work dealing with biography, usually autobiography (Altenrath, Bartlett, Lasch, Johnson, Ukeles, Antin, N.E.Thing Co., Mayer) and 4) the work dealing with transformation, primarily of the self (Wilson, Nahum, Myers, Mobus, Nolden, Apple, Stein, Piper, Tacha, Kitchel, Kuffler), with some overlaps in the latter two groupings.” Lucy Lippard

Participating artists: Renate Altenath, Eleanor Antin, Laurie Anderson, Jacki Apple, Jennifer Bartlett, Hanne Darboven, Agnes Denes, Nancy Holt, Poppy Johnson, Nancy Kitchel, Christine Kozlov, Suzanne Kuffler, Pat Lasch, Bernadette Mayer, Christiane Möbus, Rita Myers, Renee Nahum, N.E. Thing Co., Ulrike Nolden, Adrian Piper, Judith Stein, Athena Tacha, Mierle Ukeles, Martha Wilson.


condition:  Near Fine