[Body Art] Body, 1971 (announcement + programme)


invitation / announcement, xerox / handout / press release
New York, United States
John Gibson

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Set of two items

New York: New York University The Art Students’ Association; [(produced by) Jonh Gibson], n.d. [1971].
a. Single sheet programme presenting ‘the second and third in a series of Performances and Activities’ listing works by participating artists. Printed only recto. A discoloured bar on the right side of page, otherwise in VG / VG+ condition.
b. Oversized announcement card (15×16,9 cm) for the exhibition of documentation from the whole series of Activities and Performances under the title BODY at the New York University, organised by John Gibson. Recto: Bruce Nauman. Participating artists Vito Acconci, Dan Graham, Bruce Nauman, Richard Serra,s Michael Snow. In VG+ condition. Not mailed.



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