Bas Jan Ader: Art & Project | Bulletin 89 – “in search of the miraculous” (songs for the north atlantic; july 1975 – )


edition / multiple
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Groningen, Netherlands, Los Angeles, United States
Art & Project, Claire S. Copley Gallery, Groninger Museum

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Amsterdam [;Los Angeles; Groningen]: Art & Project [; Claire S. Copley Gallery; Groninger Museum], 1975, 29,6×20,9 cm. Single sheet folded once as issued from a print run of 800 copies, more than half of which were folded in three for mailing. Bas Jan Ader’s ultimate artist project as he was lost in the sea while sailing to Amsterdam and this bulletin was en route to its recipients. This is a legendary, mysterious and tragic item, certainly one of the most coveted pieces of art ephemera from the 1970s.

[Ref: Braunschweig 2000, p.4, p.75; Leiber 2001, p.61]

condition: Unmailed copy, in Near Fine condition.