Information 26. Alighiero Boetti (Turin): Besprechungsvortrag | Information 27. Mangione Salvo (Turin), 1970


invitation / announcement, xerox / handout / press release
München, Germany
Aktionsraum 1

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München: Aktionsraum 1, 1970 (04), 21×29,7 cm. Action(s) invitation sheet. Recto refers to Boetti’s action and reproduces his work “Gemelli” – a 1968 photo postcard – in which Boetti appears to be holding hands with himself, effectively reinventing himself as two, in a Janus-like manner, splitting and bringing back together in a new unity ‘Alighiero’ and ‘Boetti’. Verso refers to Salvo’s planned action of him blessing the city of Münich! The action remained unrealised as he was stopped at the border in possession of marijuana, which was confiscated while Salvo was repatriated. An amusing letter sent by him to Eva Madelung extends the field of his planned action, offering a hint of humorous institutional critique.


Dear Eva Madelung

I’m really sorry I couldn’t come to bless Monaco. However, I wanted to talk to you about this fact: as agreed you would have paid for the trip and the expenses of the stay. I didn’t even arrive in Munich, however I made a large part of the trip which involved many expenses that I wanted to submit to you.

Turin – Rufstein – Turin, accompanied by an Austrian policeman to the Brenner Pass 100 DM
 The fine paid at the border 200 DM

Interpreter’s expenses DM 40

Marijuana for the value of 40 DM

all for a total of 380 DM

I would be grateful if you could return this money to me. I would also remind you that you have one of your questionnaires with a circle drawn by me on it, which I consider a work and to which I had given the title “Io come Giotto”. I don’t know what else to add; with the hope that, although it is difficult for me to come to Germany, our relations will continue.

I wish you all the best, 

[ref: The Lecture Agency, 2020] .

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