Agnes Denes: Human Dust, 1980


artist's book
Malmö, Sweden
Wedgepress & Cheese

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Malmö: Wedgepress & Cheese, 1980, 29,7×21 cm. Bifolium. Artist’s book described as a ‘folder’ by the publisher, relating to the extended “Human Dust” body of work by Agnes Denes. Here, in this minimal 4 page photobook, an eerie installation photo of a pile of ‘calcareous human remains’ is accompanied by a text that dissects the whole life of an unnamed – now deceased – artist, breaking it into relentless numbers. The font used and the overall feel is of a formal report, contributing to the general unease caused by the piece. Layout by Leif Eriksson. Edition of 300 copies.

(…) His aspirations were to be a great writer or a great artist. He wrote about million words and painted 48 paintings, all told. In his lifetime he earned $160,000.00, was fired three times and held 17 positions after maturity. He was unhappy and lonely more often than not, achieved 1/10,000 of his dreams, managed to get his opinions a- cross 184 times and was misunderstood 3800 times when it mattered. (…)

condition: Light handling wear. VG / VG+