On Kawara: I Am Still Alive

I Am Still Alive
Berlin: Edition René Block, 1978
Unpaginated, 24×16,8cm

Legendary artist’s book compiling On Kawara’s Telegrams body of work. Designed by the artist in 1976, while he was staying in Berlin as a guest of DAAD. 800 copies were printed. The first 450 copies [serie A] were numbered, clothbound and came in a slipcase. The rest 350 [serie B] – even scarcer than its more ‘prestigious’ counterpart – were softcover and not numbered. 

The softcover copy presented here features the most fortunate misprint [?] as one of the telegrams addressed to Yutaka Matsuzawa is printed on a piece of a colour map of Berlin [!] while verso a telegram addressed to Pontus Hulten is reproduced – in contrast to all pages printed only recto. This makes the copy unique and inadvertently [?] forms an interesting dialogue with the maps employed by the artist in his parallel series “I Went”.